My Story

Johan Piesang Geldenhuys
(Piesang; a name that stuck since school days. Although majority is hesitant to call him this at first – most end up doing it anyways.

Piesang has a huge heart for people and a passion to bring people together; mostly in the company of excellent boutique wines.

He is always on the lookout for the next wine gem and sharing the winemakers’ stories.

During his earlier years he used to visit wine farms and go for tastings and always end up with the winemaker somewhere in the cellar tasting something out of a barrel and listening to their story, not knowing he was preparing himself for the days of HuysWijn.

After he was a school teacher for few years he wanted get his foot into the wine business. David & Johann Sadie gave him the opportunity to run Bill&Co. Wine Bar & Shop in the Swartland.
He enjoyed hosting 5 to 6 wine tastings a day on Bill&Co.’s stoep.

Covid unfortunately had a unfavourable effect on the South African wine industry and Bill&Co had to close its doors. By doing a few winetastings at people’s homes, Huyswijn were born.

85% of HuysWijn’s portfolio is from great wine producers that Piesang got to know in the last 10 to 15 years, and what a great pleasure to tell their story to you.

Johan Piesang Geldenhuys is a family man, with a beautiful wife and two precious daughters.